15 02 2007

This flight of fancy begins with little reflection other than it seems like it might be fun to enter the bloggers movement. There is something rejuvenating about just jumping in. Carefully weighted thoughts and profound conclusions take more raw material than I seem able to dig up these days. So, without any great urgency to do so, I begin.

Ah… That wasn’t so bad. Glad it’s over though. Beginning is the hardest part of any endeavor (next to continuing and  ending).

As I think of the perceived effort required to begin this beginning of mine I wonder what effort was involved in the beginning of all beginnings. Was God taxed at all as He spoke all into being? There was at lest the effort of choice. Choosing to speak instead of not speaking. Choosing to create instead of not creating. Thus the beginning of all beginnings began like most beginnings, with a choice. Does it take the same amount of effort to choose not to begin as to begin? I’ll think about that later.

I begin now to end. Even an end has a beginning, doesn’t it? Beginning to end is like turning for home. It’s comforting somehow. At least that’s the way it feels most of the time. Ending is often a sad event, but beginning to end is not that way at all. So I think I’ll just stop here.   



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16 02 2007
Neal Pumphrey

Welcome to the blogging world. You have the most eloquent first post I have ever seen. One question; God may have chosen to create, but did He have a choice in what He created? He must always do what is best, so could He have chosen to create less than the best?

16 02 2007

If God must always choose what is best does He really have a choice?
Great question! Is there anything more likely to bring a smile to one’s face then to grapple with a question clearly beyond one’s capacity? For me, there’s not.

To attempt an answer to your question makes me feel as if I’m trespassing on some unseen holy ground. It’s really an indescribable sensation. Nevertheless, here goes…

I’d have to say that God has a choice in every situation where not having one would be a lesser good then having one. There, how’s that for an answer.

17 02 2007

Welcome to the blogosphere, my brother. Great post!

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