What’s That Smell?

27 02 2007

nose.gifDo you know what happens when clothes are left too long in the washing machine after they are washed? They sour.  Even though they were clean, because they were not moved to the dryer soon enough they need to be washed again.

Unfortunately, one doesn’t usually realize the clothes are soured until after wearing them a little while. It seems that as long as they remain at room temperature they don’t smell (at least I can’t smell them). It’s not until they begin to warm up from body heat that the unpleasant aroma is released.

I can’t help but notice a spiritual parallel here. A lot of Christians “sour” for the same reason. They get washed by the grace of God through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ but then just sit there. They stay too long in the place they were washed, as it were. They don’t move on in obedience to spiritual growth. Outwardly they look just fine, but something is wrong. Just like those clothes, as long as life stays calm (at room temperature so to speak) they manage fairly well. But when life heats up, an unpleasant change fills the air.




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