Extreme Ministry

9 03 2007

MeMinistry is a multifaceted responsibility. Usually it involves socializing in activities that most people enjoy. There are ballgames, cookouts, parties, outreach events, weddings, and dozens of other fun things including worshipping together in church.

But ministry also means being involved in the most difficult experiences there are. It means sharing the pain of life’s tragedies. Helping others find hope and strength to go on when everything they value has been lost. It means setting beside a dying man as he takes his last breath… going to a funeral home to help parents pick a casket for a child… praying with grandparents that are being used and abused by ungrateful grandchildren… taking frantic calls in the middle of the night from people in crisis. One such call I remember was from a women so afraid of her husband that she begged me to come take all the guns out of the house so he couldn’t use them on her.

 Ministry means engaging in every part of life… the good, the bad, and the ugly. It means experiencing and intervening in life’s extremes. Ever been there?



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