From Harbinger to Squint

14 03 2007

squint_1_2.jpg I’ve changed the name of my blog site from Harbinger to Squint for the sake of honesty.  

Harbinger means “somebody or something that foreshadows or anticipates a future event.” In order to be a true harbinger one must understand and/or know with clarity what is coming.  

On the other hand, squint means “to close the eyes so as to see better.” A person who “squints” is one who knows he’s not seeing things clearly and needs help in order to do so.  

I’m more a “squinter” than a “harbinger,” so I thought it best to change the name of my blog.   

On another note, I really enjoyed having a chance to spend a little time with a few of you Tuesday at the Pastors’ and Missionaries’ Conference. Kevin Higgins’ sermon was particularly refreshing in the sense of calling us to remember and recommit to the real purpose of church.It was good to see Jason, Jeff, Noah, Mike, Danny … the list is too long to mention all.




2 responses

15 03 2007

Good point.

22 03 2007

Welcome my fellow squinter! 🙂

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