Entertainment Conservative Style!

16 03 2007

me-haley1_1.jpgA lot of folks are concerned about churches that openly embrace entertainment as a way to reach people. “Adopting the ways of the world,” they say, “are not honoring to God and thus have no business in the church.”   

Other people ask, “What’s wrong with entertaining people? What’s wrong with using everything we can to reach others for the Lord?” “Entertainment gets them to church and then we have a chance to tell them about Jesus, and that’s what matters,” they say. 

One thing both groups seem to agree on is that entertainment is neither the point nor the purpose of church.   After all, entertainment is not designed to be life changing. Its only goal is to entertain. When it’s over it’s over. One either liked it or not. One was either entertained or not. Nothing else is expected of entertainment. 

But something doesn’t have to be “worldly” to be entertainment. Think of all the Christians who religiously attend church Sunday after Sunday and yet remain unchanged. They listen to their pastor pour out his heart preaching the Word of God and then just sit there… unchanged, pretending that what they are doing is more then being entertained. But that’s all it is.  

For them, going to church isn’t any different than going to a movie or a ball game. They either liked it or not that day. It was either enjoyable or not. It made them feel good or not. It passed the doctrine test or not. It scored high on the relevance scale or not. It earned “good sermon” status or not. But it never really changes anything. It doesn’t impact how they live. They don’t want it to. 

That, my friend, is entertainment conservative style.




2 responses

17 03 2007

Wow, what an interesting post. I’ve been guilty of that many times throughout my life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

17 03 2007

Thanks for your comments Russ.

I got to thinking about this at the Pastor’s Conference because it’s what I found myself doing.

Hey, it happens to us all I think.

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