Cheek to Cheek with Jesus

20 03 2007

img_1124_1.jpgSome things in life you just can’t appreciate unless you get real close. The flowers in the picture are dwarfed by the penny in the background. Obviously, I had to get very close to take that picture. The Christian life is the same way. You’ll miss the beauty of it if you don’t get up close and personal. I’m talking cheek to cheek with Jesus close.  

Too many Christians are what might be called “cordial” Christians. They are not out far enough to be called “carnal,” but they are not close either. Their spiritual lives are depicted perfectly by the term “back row Christian.” You know what I’m talking about. Back row Christians are the ones that will only sit on the back pews in church. They’re in, but just barely.




5 responses

20 03 2007

I know exactly what you’re talking about. Great analogy!

21 03 2007

When it comes to church seating I prefer the back row- especially since as a greater I don’t come in until the end. But when it comes to my relationship with Christ I want to be as close as possible. Such is hard on us though, since the closer you are to God the more you see your own flaws.

21 03 2007

Amanda & totaltransformation,

Thanks for your comments.

Certainly I don’t believe that everyone who sits on the back row is automatically uncommitted. Nor do I believe that those who sit in the front are automatically close to the Lord. I hope you understand the illustration was only a generalization of a sad but true reality.

Resting in Him,

21 03 2007

I was well aware. 🙂

22 03 2007

Great point Ken! I wish we could have spent more time together in Texarkana.

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