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21 04 2007

argue.jpgDefending the faith is not the same thing as living the faith. I think many people are confused over the difference. It is often assumed that one who knows the doctrines of the faith well enough to successfully defend them is also one living the life of a true disciple. But that is not necessarily so. Knowledge of the truth only makes discipleship a possibility. It provides the means and defines the requirements, but it is not discipleship in and of itself.

Simply put, discipleship is the active and ongoing process of living in willing submission to the expressed will of God.  Living in the process is different than understanding the process. Living in obedience is different than understanding what obedience is or knowing why it is important. Thus, living the faith is different than defending the faith.

It is good to study the Word of God and to discover the will of God, but that is not discipleship. It is good to be ready to answer questions others have about the Bible or Christianity, but that is not discipleship. It is good to go to Church and learn about the things of God, but that is not discipleship. 

Discipleship is a living and life changing relationship to Jesus Christ; or as some have beautifully expressed it, apprenticeship.    If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them” (John 13:17).




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22 04 2007

Something to think about.

23 04 2007

I love your thoughts here. In a recent blog I wrote “Just as we often mimic the traits of people we like or who inspire us. Disciples mimic Jesus. They long to know Jesus so deeply and spend so much time with Him that His life begins to rub off on them. Disciples act like Jesus. Disciples think like Jesus. Disciples love like Jesus. Disciples obey like Jesus. Disciples pray like Jesus. Disciples sacrifice like Jesus. Disciples serve like Jesus. Disciples trust like Jesus. Disciples talk like Jesus. Disciples make disciples like Jesus.” The rest of my thougths are at

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