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27 04 2007

apologetics.jpgI’ve been enjoying so much I thought I’d go ahead and recommend it. There are a variety of apologetic topics from which to choose, and even if you don’t know the difference between epistemology and metaphysics you can still lean a lot from the introductory level entries. There are articles as well as audio lectures (which I highly recommend).

Lectures like “How do we know Christianity is true out of all the religions” here (by Dr. J. P. Moreland) and “The Evidence for Christianity” here (by Dr. William Lane Craig) are outstanding.

There are dozens of other topics from which to choose. Enjoy! 




2 responses

30 04 2007
Scott Bates

Great website link! That’s great stuff. Thanks Ken.

30 04 2007

You’re welcome :).

Always good to hear from you Bro. Scott…

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