Five Postmodern Questions about the Bible

30 04 2007

bible.jpg1) “We cannot know what happened in history – how can you present the Bible as true?”

2) “Language has no fixed meaning – how can the Bible say anything at all?”

3) “Isn’t the Bible sexist and out of date?”

4) “Why is the Bible any better than any other Holy Book?”

5) “The Bible is out of touch on sex how can it be relevant for 21st century life?”

 Listen to Amy Orr-Ewing answer these questions here. What a sweet spirit she has.




5 responses

30 04 2007

those are def problems facing the church today…good post

30 04 2007

The biggest “post-modern” objection I regularly hit (and wrestle with myself) is the backlash of the use/abuse/misuse of the Bible as the inerrant inspired Word of God. The classic objection is always “How do you know this book, and no other, is the right one – as many contradictory books claim divine inspration”
Hard problem.

1 05 2007

Thanks for your post…

Did you get a chance to listen to Amy’s answers to these questions? If so, did they prove helpful?

1 05 2007

The bible and its message is one of evil to 80,000 native aborigonal survivors after the recent church scandals in Canada documenting murder,rape, torture, sodomy, ritual abuse, child-sex for visiting church officals in Native Residental Schools .A Horrid and discusting Chtistian legacy. Religous leaders must
stay away from our children. Multi-generational epidemics of sanctioned and church protected pedophilia proves religion and children should not mix

Church officals stay out of our bedrooms. Work on correcting your own dysfunctional sexual urges

1 05 2007

The sinful behaviors you describe are especially horrendous by virtue of the fact that the perpetrators are supposed to be Christians. Even unbelievers know Christianity and the Bible teach against such unthinkable deeds.
The Bible also teaches us why people do sin and calls us to admit that we are all indeed sinners in need of forgiveness and restoration. That is why Jesus came, lived, died, and arose from the dead.
Every sinner testifies to the truthfulness of the Bible.

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