The Comfort of Shared Dislikes

1 05 2007

im_teens.jpgHave you ever noticed that some people seem to associate on the basis of common dislikes? They are constantly expressing what displeases them and what is wrong with this or that. Others cheerfully join in the bash-fests and soon discover how easy it is to do.

Take the church for example… it’s so easy to criticize. Any junior-high student can nit-pick and bad mouth every single thing that’s done at church without even looking up from his or her video game.

Why not take some time and think about what is right in your church? Why not pray for those who are doing the work? Or you could encourage those who must endure the relentless complaining and bickering. Go ahead, do it now. The experience will do you good and the results may surprise you.




One response

21 05 2007

I love this. It really is so easy to be a critical, nit-picky complainer, even when we know better.

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