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3 05 2007

new.jpgActs 17:21For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.” 

According to Robertson’s Word Pictures the Greek words translated “some new thing” literally mean “something newer or fresher than the new, the very latest…”  

It’s very easy to be like the Athenians. Ours is a world with new technologies, new methods, new insights, new programs, new classes, new churches, new everything. And why not, who doesn’t like new things? Every pastor has experienced the thrill of starting some new class or program with great fanfare and initial excitement. It’s great… at first. But then the new begins to wear off and things change. You know the rest of the story. Something new must be found. 

I started a Thursday night prayer service over a year ago at church. We come together and pray… that’s all. During the one hour prayer service we alternate between voiced prayers and five minute silent prayers. Attendance is about half what it was during the early “new” phase.  

So, what do you think… should I scrap the service and start something new?  



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4 05 2007

who (or I should say, Who) are you doing the prayer service for? What is the defining criterion of success? who is supposed to be glorified here? who is this really about?

The way I see it, either God wants you to be doing this or He doesn’t. If He does, He will take responsibility for the results. Why are numbers so important? After all He is perfectly able of acting without any of us “helping.”

sure, it’s discouraging to keep something up when you’re not the center of attention (been there, done that, wish now I had done it differently) and interest seems to be dwindling, but maybe there’s a broader lesson in it for you other than the apparent success or failure of the project. Or maybe there’s a broader purpose in it for a touching a few lives profoundly, than many peripherally. All the best.

4 05 2007

Nice post!
If it is “scratching where it itches”, then I say keep it. If people are coming just for the sake of keeping the group going (but too polite to say so), then I say ditch it.

4 05 2007
scott bates

I say scrap one of the 3 services you are having and continue the prayer service.
Prayer services aren’t for the uncommitted…it is Spiritual warfare and the frontlines of the battle. You might also liven it up by doing a prayer walk through the church or even your community. Anyway, just my thoughts.

4 05 2007

Thanks for all responses…
I’m processing every suggestion.


9 05 2007

Scott Bates made some good suggestions! Prayer is something all of us (at least me) could do more of each week! I like the prayer walk idea a lot. Blessings!

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