What does one do when…

9 05 2007

question.jpgI recently was hanging out with a fellow Christian who said some things that hang heavy in my heart today.  Perhaps I’m making too much of it.

Anyway, our conversation drifed to computers and the internet. After the usual exchange he started to explain to me how he “got around” paying for annual virus protection renewal costs. Then he enthusiastically shared how he never paid for programs and multiple other computer software services.  

My question is, “How do you respond when Christian friends reveal things like this?”




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9 05 2007

I think your response depends on how well you know this brother and what your relationship is like. He may have been probing for a response from you. Sometimes you can’t say anything while, at the same time, not indicating any approval of his actions. Perhaps a response such as, “Do you really think that’s the right thing to do?” And if the answer is affirmative, “Why do you think it’s right?” On the other hand, he may not have given you an opening to say anything.
We are claiming to follow Christ and so often our actions tell the world that we’re not. dwhitsett.wordpress.com

9 05 2007

You have to remind him that he is a thief and there are no thiefs in Heaven. Thats what I did when one of my Christian was telling me how he uses Photo Shop for free, He has a stolen copy that he uses. You are not a good friend if you say nothing.

Cheers )

9 05 2007

Er Christian Friends ) I am typo king (

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