Praying Room to Room

12 05 2007

praying_hands.jpgI’d like to thank Scott Bates for the suggestion of praying in different rooms during our prayer service.

We tried that last night with great success. The people formed into small groups and then scattered throughout the facility praying. Each prayer team went and prayed room to room. Every room was prayed in multiple times as different teams made their way around. They prayed for teachers, students, workers, outreach success, choir members, secretaries, sound technicians, musicians, nursery workers… you name it.  

The service concluded with everyone holding hands in a circle around the platform and pulpit. They prayed for God to speak through me as I preach and teach His Word to them. It was a very touching service.

Thanks again Scott.    

Any other ideas out there?




One response

14 05 2007
Scott Bates

You are welcome dude. The idea wasn’t mine originally but I was glad to share!
I’m glad your prayer time went well.
Another thing we do in our prayer times is give each person in the room a chance to share 3 personal requests. Then after sharing their burden, I ask someone else in the room to pray specifically for this person & family and the specific requests that they have shared. This is a great way to help people personalize sharing each other’s burdens and it is also a welcomed encouragement to the faithful few who come to prayer meetings.
Have a great week!

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