Chips & Salsa!

20 05 2007

untitled-1.jpgI love Mexican food. Really love it. I could eat it every day if it wasn’t so fattening.

Being from San Antonio, Texas, I was practically weaned on refried beans and home made tortillas.

These days, living in Arkansas, I have to settle for what’s available. One thing all the decent restaurants have in common is that they serve chips & salsa with the meal. Usually they bring a large basket of chips and small bowl of salsa to the table even before any food is ordered. Yum! 

I don’t go for the chips & salsa, but I do expect them. I go for what I want that day, maybe a cheesy enchilada platter, or an order of beef (never chicken) fajitas, or how about some mouth watering carne asada! Now I’m hungry.

Anyway, it occurred to me that many people think about church the same way I think about Mexican restaurants. They expect Jesus and the Bible the same way I expect chips and salsa. In other words, Jesus and the Bible are nice, but it’s not what people come for. That’s why people constantly ask things like, “What does you church have to offer?” They expect Jesus and the Bible (chips & salsa), but if you want them to come to your church you better have a menu of other things as well.

The problem with this situation is that in a Mexican restaurant the chips & salsa really aren’t that important. They are not the main things. But in the church, Jesus and the Bible are the main things. At least they are supposed to be.

The truth is that the main thing today seems to be what ever gets people to respond. The church has conceded that it has to do what it has to do to get people to attend. We’ve all heard or said something like: “We must do/offer ___________ to get them here so we can give them the chips & salsa. If we don’t do/offer ____________ they will not come.”

Actually, the question today is what are we “not” willing to do? How far is too far? It’s just the nature of the case.

So, the resulting challenge is to find some way to elevate Jesus and the Bible above the chips & salsa status.




2 responses

20 05 2007


Check out this church’s messages. They’re doing it right…

I go there on Saturday nights, just to swim in the River of God! On Sundays I attend the church where I am a member.

13 12 2007

Found your page by looking for another!
I’m from Mexico (sorry for my english), but really love your comments.
already just read one and sure will go for the others…
God Bless you!

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