Why Good Philosophy Must Exist

24 05 2007

img_1345.jpgI had a wonderful ride to Barnes & Noble the other day. What a pleasure it is to enjoy a great cup of coffee and a good book. Everyone needs to spend some quality time reading C. S. Lewis. In the passage below he challenges us to make full use of all our resources to defend the Faith.  

“To be ignorant and simple now—not to be able to meet the enemies on their own ground—would be to throw down our weapons, and to betray our uneducated brethren who have, under God, no defense but us against the intellectual attacks of the heathen. Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered. The cool intellect must work not only against cool intellect on the other side, but against the muddy heathen mysticism which deny intellect altogether. Most of all, perhaps, we need intimate knowledge of the past. Not that the past has any magic about it, but because we cannot study the future, and yet need something to set against the present, to remind us that the basic assumptions have been quite different in different periods and that much which seems certain to the uneducated is merely temporary fashion” (Lewis, Learning in War-Time, In: The Weight of Glory, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1980, p. 28.).




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25 05 2007
Neal Pumphrey

One of my favorite quotes from Lewis. Sometimes when I feel discouraged about being one of the only guys in the ABA who really takes a philosophical defense of Christianity seriously, I turn to Lewis for encouragement to keep me going. Sometimes the work of an apologist is a lonely job with little earthly reward. Sometimes I feel like the slogan for Scrubbing Bubbles, “We do the work so you don’t have to.”

26 05 2007

I love C.S. Lewis, especially when I have the brain power to mull over his deep insights. My father in law loves nothing more than to ride his Harley to Barnes & Noble and enjoy coffee as well so reading your blog was very reminiscent of being around my in-laws!

3 06 2007

I reread Mere Christianity with my son recently. We eneded up going through in mostly in one day with him reading it out loud and then we would stop and talk and then we would read a bit more. Two other of my kids were in and out of the discussion. They all were saying on and off. I wish Bible studies could be more like this. That we could read and discuss at great length like this.

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