28 05 2007

hyphen-church_1.jpg Introducing Hyphen-Church – the church you have been looking for.  

We at hyphen-church believe that diversity is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Our mission is inclusiveness and acceptance. We know there is value in every perspective, truth in every thought, and purpose in every position. We have come to understand that unity is the ultimate good and that logic is just another form of prejudice. 

At Hyphen-Church you’ll feel free to express your authentic self. We refuse to be limited by any box or label. We have evolved beyond the traditional and restrictive concept of old style Christianity. We have taken the next step forward and practice total acceptance. In fact, in our church we really don’t want any Christians. At Hyphen-Church we embrace hyphenated-Christianity.  

We are: Secular-Christians, Taoist-Christians, Wiccan-Christians, New Age-Christians, Homosexual-Christians, Agnostic-Christians, Nihilistic-Christians, Buddhist-Christians, Hindu-Christians, Moslem-Christians, Baha’i-Christians, Zoroastrian-Christians, Scientology-Christians, Neo-Pagan-Christians, even Atheist-Christians! 

So come as you are and be what you are. Hyphen-Church is here for you.




One response

3 06 2007

Having looked backwards through your posts I assume this is tonge in cheek.
This kind of congregation is some of what we do see in liberal christian circles.
As one who was reared in a pagan track I can tell you it bugs me more to see that trying to put your stamp of approval on everything line of behaviour because it is so hopeless and confusing and leads people in confusing circles instead of to Jesus Christ.

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