Pandering to the Popular

2 06 2007

festivals_mainpic.jpgHow easy it would be to surrender to the spirit of our age. Just let go of the concept that the proven doctrines of the past carry more weight than the new alternatives. Remind yourself that times change and people think differently, so it is only natural to expect spiritual truth to change too. Once you accept that, you are ready to look around and discover which truth expressions work for you. Go to church, if it works for you. Pray, if it works for you. Read the Bible, if it works for you.   

Some people are really into deep, reflective study of the Bible, but that may not work for you. Others go about making drastic changes in their moral lives, but that may not work for you. Some people are submissive in a literal way to the demands of scripture, but that may not work for you.  

What about people who just don’t want to read the Bible or learn doctrine or be self-disciplined? What about people who want to have an extraordinary relationship with God without doing all those labor intensive things? I just ran across a book that may be what they are looking for. It claims to be an alternative guide to knowing God and spiritual growth. The sales pitch goes as follows: 

“One-Size-Fits-All Spirituality Does Not Fit All

Being spiritual does not mean you have to be deeply reflective, impressively intellectual, doctrinally meticulous, or severely self-disciplined. Instead, as (author’s name deleted) guides you, you will discover your own unique path to genuine spirituality. Learn to distinguish between the essential patterns of devotion to Christ and the nonessential patterns found in the cookie-cutter approach. Be released from your guilt-driven attempts to clone others’ spiritual journeys. Find instead the means by which you—with your unique personality, strengths, and needs—best connect with God and grow in Him. Breakaway from a man-made box that God never did quite fit into, and rest secure in your relationship with Him. Liberating, refreshing!”

If you would like to know the name of this book just email me at and I’ll be glad to share it with you.

Personally, I don’t think there are short-cuts to true spiritual growth.



One response

3 06 2007

no there are no real shortcuts but
there are differences
and that can be a good thing.
I am almost positive I know what this book is and I am about to read it myself.
I just finished a biography of Watchman Nee
very thought provoking. Made me want to read what he wrote. He felt that you have to suffer to grow. I’m pondering his thought currently.

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