Why Join a Church? Reason 4

5 06 2007


4. Edification of the Church. A fourth reason for joining the church is the edification or building up of the church. Joining a church will help counter our wrong individualism and will help us to realize the corporate nature of Christianity. When you study the New Testament you find that our Christian lives are supposed to involve our care and concern for each other. {Note from cent: don’t tear this out of the context here: Pastor Dever is talking about care inside a context that presupposes #3} That is part of what it means to be a Christian. And though we do it imperfectly, we should be committed to do this. We intend to encourage even baby steps in righteousness, love, selflessness and Christlikeness.

In our church’s membership class I often tell the story of a friend who worked for a campus Christian ministry while attending a church in which I was a member. He would always slip in right after the hymns, sit there for the sermon, and then leave. I asked him one day, why he didn’t come for the whole service. “Well,” he said, “I don’t get anything out of the rest of it.” “Have you ever thought about joining the church?” I responded. He thought that was just an absurd question. He said, “Why would I join the church? If I join them, I think they would just slow me down spiritually.” When he said this I wondered what he understood being a Christian to mean. I replied, “Have you ever considered that maybe God wants you to link arms with those other people? Sure, they might slow you down, but you might help to speed them up. Maybe that’s part of God’s plan for us as we live together as Christians!”

The Pyromaniacs Blog lists the other reasons as well as the source of the above quote. I liked #4 so much I thougth I’d share it with you. Please read the rest of  the reasons here.




2 responses

6 06 2007

I get so tired of hear people’s lousy excuses for not committing to a church. It’s like nothing is good enough so they remain on the fringe of all the action. Who ever said a church was supposed to reach perfection before it was worth joining!? I really appreciate this.

13 07 2007

Yes give and take is the key. I think that spritually people grow through a baby,childhood time then when they hit the sprititual teenage time they start saying they are bored and they are not entertained and often are not really challenged that now they are mature enough to give and should statt looking for ways to serve and to give. So they get stuck in the teenage mentality of being critical and whine a bit and don’t grow beyond it.
Part of the fault is ours for not listening and trying to find ways they can serve so they feel valuable and can continue to grow.

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