Gamaliel’s Advice

13 06 2007


Gamaliel made an interesting observation about religious trends in Acts 5:34-39. Basically, he believed those trends which were not of God would pass away on their own, so there was really no reason to try to eradicate them. On the other hand, he reasoned that if the trend was truly of God, to fight against it was to also fight against God. Thus, either way, it was better to not oppose the trend.

Now, the “trend” that had Gamaliel unnerved was Christianity. Nevertheless, what do you think of his advice concerning religious trends?                 




2 responses

13 06 2007

thank you kclick. i’m not sure how you stubbled upon me here but i appreciate your encouragement. i pray that you would grow in the knowledge of God and that his presence in your life would so overwhelm you to the point of laying down your life for those you serve. much love.

3 07 2008
Jon Sharp

See this article concerning the Gamaliel Approach to dealing with “current trends” in the church…

I hope it helps…

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