The One Minute Scholar

15 06 2007

logic.jpgDon’t let a lack of understanding keep you from impressing others. Sure, you can spend years of study learning all the intricate details of theology from biblical scholars if you have the time, but what if you don’t want to wait? 

Just imagine how nice it would be to have that lofty academic vocabulary without having to go through the old fashioned learning process. Well now there is a way. In no time at all you can be writing sentences like the following: “Based upon interdisciplinary considerations the underlying question orients the serious scholar toward a soteriological point of view.”  

It’s easy and it’s fun. Best of all, no education needed! You can start impressing your friends today. Just log on to Do-It-Yourself Impressive Theological Constructs and you too can compose up to 10,000 impressive sentences without having to understand what you are talking about. 🙂



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