Do you teach the truth?

14 07 2007

We’ve come to the point in our culture today where it is the concept of reason and truth itself that requires redemption. Reason and truth itself, especially in the arena of human affairs, has lost its foundation because of misunderstandings about truth, misunderstandings about relativity, about how we are conscious of objects. A lot of this leads into rather arcane, philosophical issues that I’m sure you don’t want to hear about. I don’t think I’m short-cutting the substance of the case just to say that, in fact, reason and truth are in desperate trouble within the academy itself. I often ask my students to ask their other teachers in the various subjects, “Do you teach the truth?” You can guess what the response is. Most are embarrassed by the truth. Reason itself has dallas_willard.jpgdisappeared to the point that, in education generally today, I don’t know of a single reputable college that requires a course in logic as a part of its degree program. And if some of you know one, please let me know. But I’ve done some research on this and had some assistants doing research on it. That is a new “educational fact.” That didn’t used to be the case. Logic used to be a standard requirement. But logic is now often treated as a power conspiracy, as a part of an oppressive practice; and of course it can be misused; but logic goes with truth and with reason, and without these the institutions of learning and law have no basis except the desire and movements of politics in the population. – Dallas Willard




One response

15 07 2007
Neal Pumphrey

Right on! I am so thankful that CABBI requires logic and I consider it an honor and serious matter to teach it.

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