If you really care…

2 12 2007

me-haley1_1.jpg     I would like to voice my dislike for those self-serving and manipulative e-mails that say if I “really care” or “really believe in God,” I must forward the email along to ten (or however many) other people, and that if I don’t it means I don’t care or believe in God or something like that.   

     I know it’s foolish to let something this trivial annoy me, but it does.  

     Why would otherwise intelligent adults pass along these monstrosities?

     I never do, regardless of how much I might agree with the sentiments attached to them.   

     There… now I feel much better.   



One response

2 12 2007

I absolutely agree. I have had the same problem that you described. I really want to preach the words of God, but don’t to be forced into doing so by people I don’t even know.

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