Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

8 12 2007

rude-book.jpg Why? Because books have no choice in what their covers look like or say. But imagine a world where books do. Imagine a world where books not only have a choice about their covers but they obsess about them. Imagine a world where books believe that “image is everything” and that their covers are more than just “coverings” but are important personal expressions of self and style.  

In that strange world, books would spend great amounts of time and money obtaining just the right covers. Sadly, some would resort to stealing covers rather than wear ordinary ones. Of course the industrious book-cover designers that specialize in pop culture styles and trendy elitism would dominate the market.    

Oddly enough, there would even be books that wanted covers that expressed disdain for books that used their covers for self-expression. There would also be a whole line of perverted and vulgar covers because the perverted and vulgar books would want to express themselves just like everyone else.  

In a world like that, it’s hard to imagine anything more absurd than to suggest one should not judge a book by its cover. 




One response

9 12 2007

Ken…great stuff! Like my granny used to say…”If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, talks like a duck…it’s probably a duck!”

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