The Sacred Cow

10 01 2008


Beware the tradition of perpetual innovation.

It is the ruthless addiction to novelty.

It is premeditated discontent.

It is the unchallenged tradition of the last thirty years.

It is a curse that hides in the deep cover of good intentions.

It is a ravenous taskmaster that never relents.

It is the sacred cow of contemporary Christianity.   




3 responses

11 01 2008
jonathon smith

I’m glad you are starting to see the immense dangers, ruthless addiction, the ravenous taskmaster, and curse as your quote states of “tradition” whatever form it takes 🙂 Thanks for proving my point

11 01 2008


So… the point you want to make is what? …that holding to any tradition is wrong?

Clearly you don’t understand what I’ve written.

11 01 2008
jonathon smith

no…. just that you realize tradition can be harmful and that it takes many forms….I appreciate your writings because this kind of dialogue has been missing in our work for a long time. Blogging is a blessing!

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