The God Delusion Jolt

15 01 2008


Douglas Groothuis concludes his excellent summary critique of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion with the following:

“Dawkins confesses that the purpose of The God Delusion is to convert people to atheism. The book-along with sever­al similar ones-seems to be giving ammunition to atheists and converting some from agnosti­cism to atheism. It nevertheless poses no serious threat to a well-informed and philosophical­ly credible Christian faith; unhappily, however, not enough Christians have the apologetic background to withstand his attacks. This is not the fault of Christianity, but of intellectually lazy Christians. May this book serve to jolt unpre­pared Christians out of their ignorance and inspire them to defend Christian truth with zeal and knowledge (Jude 3).”

-Douglas Groothuis– professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary and the coeditor of In Defense of Natural Theology (lnterVarsity Press, 2005). Read the entire article here.




3 responses

15 01 2008
C.L. Mareydt

… doesn’t anybody ever just miss Jesus?

16 01 2008

Most are missing Him completely.

17 01 2008
jonathon smith

it’s not lazy brother its A.D.D.


This is right on!

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