English Does Not Exist

26 05 2008

          One of the most obvious realities about Bible study is that well-meaning people often disagree about what God’s Word teaches. Even experts who have spent years learning and studying the Bible in its original languages come to different conclusions relative to many fundamental teachings. Each Christian denomination holds views that differ enough to make them incompatible with the others. Certainly there are areas of agreement among the different groups, but the differences occur at critical points that allow no compromise.

          For example, those who believe that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone cannot compromise that belief without denying it. Salvation either is in Christ alone or is not in Christ alone, it cannot be both. This illustrates how beliefs (interpretations) logically lead to separation. Likewise, baptism either is or is not necessary for salvation. Logically it cannot be both. Those who believe baptism is necessary for salvation are not being unloving or hard to get along with when they are unwilling to endorse or embrace those who teach the opposite. They are just being logically consistent.

Many sincere Christians mistakenly believe that the Scriptures are exempt from the law of non-contradiction and that somehow it dishonors God to think of Him as a perfectly logical being. Yet the Scriptures assert that God cannot lie (Titus 1:2) and cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy 2:13). Those “truths” (and all truths) about God are only true if the law of non-contradiction holds.       

That brings us to today’s principle for personal Bible study. Make sure your beliefs (interpretations) are logically consistent. If you believe that God exists you cannot also believe that He does not exist, to do so would be absurd – unthinkable.

Yet many people believe things that are logically incompatible and sometimes even self-defeating. Like the person who believes that truth is impossible to know. Well, if it is possible to know that truth is impossible to know then at least one truth is possible to know and the statement falsifies itself. It’s like writing in English that English does not exist. 








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