Not Just A Building

16 09 2008

          The Bible teaches that God is to be glorified in the church by Jesus Christ throughout all ages (Ephesians 3:21). That is the great and high purpose of every true church. It also raises the question of exactly how a church brings God glory. Of course it is important to understand that a church is not the building in which it meets but the congregation itself.

          On the other hand, the building is the product of its congregation and represents the loving sacrifices of generations of believers. At least that is the case at my church.

          The church building represents other things as well. Without doubt it represents the importance of worship. It is true that a church may assemble any place large enough to accommodate its size. Any store front, barn, house, or even an open field may make do. And certainly these (and other places) have been used to hold church services. But there is nothing more natural for worshippers of God than the desire to build something special for Him. In fact, the desire to honor God by building a house of worship motivated David and Solomon to build the temple.

          So the next time you go to church take a moment to appreciate the building. It is not the church, but it is not just a building either.      




One response

26 10 2008
Jason Sheffstall

thanks for this reminder!

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