The Great Bankruptcy

7 10 2008

          The economy and the emergency bailout are the talk of the country. Citizens are outraged over the injustice of being forced pay the bill for corruption, greed, mismanagement, and lack of oversight.

          Where were the regulators? Where were the financial experts? Where were the warnings of those who knew this was going to happen? By and large those who should have sounded the alarm decided to keep quiet and enjoy the party while it lasted. They knew better but did nothing until it was too late to do anything except hit up the tax payers.

          Yet there is a bigger crisis coming that few are warning about. It’s even more dangerous and destructive than the one happening to the financial institutions. It is the crisis of moral bankruptcy that results from rejecting traditional Christian values.

          People are losing their sense of right and wrong. In fact, a large portion of society has already lost it. In Nebraska parents are abandoning their teenage children at hospitals. A 22-year-old Sacramento State Collage graduate sees nothing wrong with auctioning away her virginity to raise money to continue her education. Unmarried and unisex couples don’t understand why they can’t adopt children or be foster parents. Vulgarity and debauchery are celebrated as entertainment. By the time you read this there will no doubt be new examples of the dilemma.

          Even Christianity is losing its moral compass. Repentance and conformity have given way to political correctness and individuality. Marketing skills and program management have replaced bible preaching and moral leadership. Televangelists have taught preachers how to pander to the popular and exploit the gullible. Sadly, it is just another example of enjoying the party while it lasts. But with moral bankruptcy there is no where to go to borrow integrity and godly character once the Christian supply is exhausted.           





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9 10 2008

Scary. Living in the midst of severe moral decline is oppressive, to say the least. I can’t wait until Christ returns.

26 10 2008
Jason Sheffstall

Very well written, Bro. Click!

26 10 2008
Great Post! «

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27 10 2008

Bro. Ken,
Interesting post…it’s a little bleak. I agree that we have some major morality issues in our country. On the bright side however….teen sexuality is down over the last 10 years….Abortions are down over the last couple of years. In the past 8 years 30+ states have passed statutes and or ammended their constitutions to define marriage as one man and one woman. The federal government has stated that they do not recognize gay marriage and banned partial birth abortion. In the areas related to Religion …..It is positive to note that the largest denomination of Baptist Churches stood firm and has purged itself of “woman pastors” and “errant word” theology. The SBC has experienced some major repentance and is currently on a very conservative swing and has a larger number of “Landmark Baptists” attending its Landmark Baptist Church than does the A.B.A. On top of this there has been a drastic increase in the planting of local churches within the SBC. The churches of the ABA have stayed strong on doctrine have increased their missionaries supported and have even published a church growth program for the first time in its history. America has become less racist and less bigotted in the past 40 years and currently has a policy that backs Israel implicitly. I could go on and on about improvements that have been made but you started your post about banks and greed. Well if you do some research on the History of Taxes in America you will see that taxes in America are at their lowest level since Carter left office. You will also see that at the end of WWII Americans paid 94% tax on anything they made over $200,000……You will also find that the first Government run bank in America was started in 1790’s to get America out of debt. It was started by the Great “Christian” and first president George Washington. What is being done now has all been done before when America was so much more “Godly”…Some things to think about 🙂

3 11 2008

thought you might have posted my comment by now….:-(

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