8 12 2008

  • Experts believe another pandemic is inevitable – they just don’t know when it will happen. Influenza pandemics have occurred about every 30 to 40 years. The last occurred in 1968.
  • There will be very little warning. Most experts believe that there would be one to six months between the time a new influenza strain is identified and the first U.S. outbreaks.
  • Vaccines will likely not be available for 6 – 12 months (if at all) from the time the organism is identified. An effective vaccine will likely require two doses, 30 days apart.
  • The pandemic will likely occur simultaneously throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world, preventing shifts of resources that normally occur with natural disasters.
  • There will be a prolonged effect on communities – lasting months, possibly as long as a year.
  • Vaccinations, antibiotics, and antivirals (biologics) will be in short supply.
  • Health-care workers and first responders will be at high risk for exposure and illness. This could severely impact the health care system and medical response.
  • There will likely be a shortage of personnel in important sectors, including military, police, fire, and utility workers.
  • There will be a substantial economic impact around the world.



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