My name is Kenneth Click. I am a husband, father, and Baptist pastor. The Lord has allowed me to be in the ministry for over twenty-five years now. In that time I have served four churches as pastor, hosted a gospel radio program, worked in law enforcement as a chaplain, and even spent a few years as an instructor at the Central Arkansas Baptist Bible Institute in Benton, Arkansas.

In addition to theology, I enjoy philosophy, motorcycling, good coffee, laughter, and surfing the web.  








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20 03 2007
Scott Bates

Hey Kenneth,
Great question on Topica. I noticed no one bothered really answering it! There is a reason for that – there are few churches who are trying to really reach anyone outside of “church” culture. I think it is because reaching the unchurched and lost is very difficult these days and it takes a long, patient witness to overcome many of the barriers to faith. In our discipleship map at MBC, I have been working through about 6 assumptions that someone must receive or accept to become a beleiver in Christ. Think about that…at least 6 assumptions about God, theBible and Jesus before someone can be saved! That is daunting and difficult and is also why salvation is a work of God’s grace and the power of His Holy Spirit. I think it is our job to attack the thinking of our culture and give real answers to the stumbling blocks to faith. Hebrews 11:6 is a promise I cling to and also share with seekers…It takes FAITH to know God…and those who sincerely seek Him…He will reward them!

25 05 2007

Hey Kenneth,
we have much in common…in addition to ministry, (l love to teach the scriptures in various settings, I have a passion for reaching the unchurched, I (had) a motorcycle, love good coffee, laughter, and using the internet….(plus I too am a husband, and a father) DM

5 07 2007


Saw you posting over on MOI. Nice. It’s encouraging to see other Christians, particularly those in ministry, seeking to engage AND understand the argument against Christ. Keep up the reading and posting on there, it can be very lonely sometimes!

I read the about page, we have a lot in common as well. I’m a seminarian and chaplain candidate in the national guard (and was an MP before that). Keep up the good work, brother!

18 11 2007


6 03 2008


18 03 2010

Keep on serving the Lord in ministry brother!

A younger brother in the Lord,

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